Joe, the problem is that it looks as though Waitapu-1, Arakamu-1, Arakamu-2 and Wairere-1 all missed the mark,(thats $14 milliion) and unless the declining production rates from the Moki wells and Waitapu-2 well have suddenly stabilized we could be well under 400 barrels a day by now, we can only speculate because of the refusal of management to clarify anything. I dont know what it costs them monthly for salaries and lease obligations but we must be burning through another million or two a month. Also because NZEC was willing to pay 42 million for the origin assets, that doesnt mean its worth it, especially with the recent results of the surrounding Messenger wells. I still find it hard to believe that they raised 62 million last year and did not attempt 1 deep target well, now they may have to find a partner to help cover the costs of such an attempt.