You've got a good point.  Also, if you look at the February presentation you will see new revisions as to reserve estimates that when coupled with other asset values of the company and cash flow would give more of a 1.17 price per share at this moment.  I've said all along that I think this company needs to explain things in a little more context when they do NR's and, probably just as importantly, try to expedite their drilling program with a little more alacrity.  They need to streamline the communication between the guys in the field and Ryhlin, I think.  It seems like there is a bottleneck getting current news out to her and she is having to take the heat.  Meanwhile, uncertainty creeps in and kills the stock value then the nay sayers and short sellers gang up.  Result:  66 cents.  Everything they do at this point is important and they need to understand that.  Just my take. Good luck to all.