I hope you are right Weeble. I know in the Bakken oil in the Dakotas and Canada every well has to be a long horizontal and frac'd to make decent money. The same thing is true of the gas from the Marcellus Shale in the Pennsylvania area (at $3.29/MFC, today's US price, it has to be). I believe if this type of drilling became the way to produce in the Taranaki, that the Taranaki would prove to be a much more valuable play than the Bakken since the vertical wells in Taranaki produce much more than similar wells do in the Bakken. Afterall Taranaki is a more conventional play. The decline curve in Taranaki appears just too high for a good pay-out from most verticle drilling. There has to be a reason why horizontal drilling and frac'ing isn't being done more as the routine? Might it be that government support of (and conservation group acceptance of) frac'ing is inversely proportional to the amount of frac'ing being done?