I agree Adudlem. What I hope will happen after the production station closes, hopefully this quarter, is that NZE concentreates on drilling the less costly up pipe prospects in the previously drilled wells on the new property as well as any extra-large formations they encounter on seismic. The production station, if well managed, should be mortgagable but mortgages have to be paid. I've been in and out of either Alustral-Pacific (Tag's predecessor), Tag or NZE (currently long NZE) for a number of years and my conclusion is that Taranaki really needs more horizontal drilling and probably frac'ing, however it's debatable whether the NZ conservation community will put up with the latter even though it's being done in the Dakotas and Pennsylvania, USA, without much complaint. I live in New York state, which has plenty of Marcellis Shale but it's not being exploited because of conservation interests. I hope the Taranaki area will allow more frac'ing eventually. I think exploiting the uphole-already-drilled prospects, expanding the customer base for the production center, and looking for and drilling only the largest finds on the exploration land is a formula for potential success. I will be surprised if East Coast frac'ing, when it happens, doesn't cause a storm of conservation protests and setbacks.