To be completely honest with you, I am not sure.  However, there are three things that stand out with regard to your query:


1.  Until the original filing documents are in my possession and I have perused them to verify this "potential" purchase of .01 cents, I need to file it in the "speculation" folder.

2.  Assuming Proust got forty million shares for .01 cents each, that would mean that the rest of the staff have a mere two million shares between the entire lot of them, which is not possible (the staff owns far more shares than two million) - Proust does not own 95% of the shares issued to staff.  The only possibility is that he sold off millions of his shares between the initial purchase and now - but - where are the records of these massive transactions if that is true?

3.  For arguments sake, let's pretend that the claim is true (40 million shares for Proust .01 cents each) --- one only needs to do the math to realize that 40 million shares at .01 cents = 400,000 dollars.  Do you know of any individual (rich or poor) who wishes to lose nearly 1/2 million dollars?  I don't.  So, again --- it is VERY SAFE TO SAY that management wants this puppy to sail to 5 bucks just as much as we do.  They are not going to screw around --- you can be certain of that!!!