Sometimes I feel like the company is nonresponsive simply because I think someone else on this forum has probably asked them for "what's going on" and hasn't gotten an answer.  But I also think once I have made an effort to "ask" through the vehicles available I am at least getting answers on what stage the team is in as far as an assessment of strategy.  Evidently, a lot of people, (not everyone) do not bother to ask.  They simply want to gripe.  Well, I'll gripe too, when I think it's called for, and this company is not perfect.  No company I've ever worked for or invested in is either.  If some of you folks want to sell that's your business.  But in working with a stock like this in this industry you need to read what information is out there and really study not only the company but other companies in the province or sector.  It's not easy.  You've got to be able to read and "comprehend" the information given.  No one is going to "spoon" feed you.  When you read, "We are setting pipe" in X well, that means something.  That means production casing.  That means a well.  How big-- you don't know until you test.  So, where are you on the eve of test results, shorts or longs?  "Time will tell" GLTA