As to the real issue, with the limited info I have to go on, it appears that not only paraffin is to be dealt with, which, by the way, is a good thing as it has a market also, but "unconsolidated sands".  We see a glimpse of this with the report on Arakumu 2 when they got the tubing stuck during test because of sand intrusion.  On one hand, back where I'm from we'd love to have that kind of permeability but it comes with a price.  That is, scheduled down times to desand the well and also there is extra wear on the production string fittings as sand goes through with the products.  Cutting back the rate of flow is much better than allowing higher rates that lead to more down time and could possibly compromise the well's longevity.  We're not even talking about water coning issues associated with high sandstone permeability in strong "water drive" fields.  I think these are issues the team is adjusting to at this point.  But, once again, I'm just guessing based on reports received.