It is good they have at least improved those Moki flows and say they are sustainable plus the oil sales this current qtr shud at least double last qtr's revenues, and, while you reaffirm they are not selling any of their current gas prodn, what do you think of their statement..."

Natural gas from the three Copper Moki wells is being delivered through NZEC's existing gas pipeline to the Waihapa Production Station. With current production of approximately 1,540 mcf/day(1), NZEC's gas production does not meet the minimum threshold required to run the liquids extraction unit of the Waihapa Production Station. NZEC's gas is liquids rich and may require blending with third-party gas to reach New Zealand gas specifications."

You also mention the $42MM spend, and with the deposit of $5MM, their cash they keep reminding us of is basically committed to this purchase (close Q1/2013) Anyway like your response to above Mr. Waihapa.