The 3000boe/day guidance is for the end of the 8 well program.


When Copper Moki 1,2,3 were put on production had initial flow rates of 800-1100bbl/day ....... Gas originally would have been ~1.0-1.5mmcf/day with 1000bbl/day oil assuming a normal GOR for a new well. So a new well will start flowing at ~1250boe/day  approximatley even if they decine sharply as long as they bring on 3-4 new wells within the callender year it is entirely possible to hit 3000boe/day with the Optimized CM1,2,3 producing ~ 1000boe/day.

Im very curious if they have started construction on a pipeline to the production pad for Waitapu for 1, and 2.