A good interview IMHO although nothing new there other than what we already know. For me it reaffirms that we have a strong company focused on growth and going about getting us more success. Very strong fundamentals and large portion of company is held by insiders and funds. The trading of late has been same old gang flipping sp back and forth for pennies. With so little depth on either bid or ask it's easy to move sp in either direction. Same old pattern with houses lined up so they have both a bid and an ask one cent apart. 

I personally feel this is a winner and although I don't currently own any Tag oil, this is quite likely another one to own but like the fact that the Ian brown group within that has all the historic data country-wide gives NZEC a strong leg up. These are early days (remember TAO was over $10 not too long ago while it is now around $7) and I think we'll catch them and maybe even surpass them. Those that are impatient or have alterior motives can dis the stock and try to change investor sentiment but if you have legitimate concerns I've found the company is very responsibve to info requests.