No Source, I evaluate wells all the time for artificial lift and upside potential im using what i know to make an educated guess of what the wells will do after these pumpjacks are installed and optimized...(I follow and have invested for long term growth in NZ and appreciate the comments and talk surrounding the company on this site) these wells are 1800m true vertical depth approx to the Mount messenger formation.

So based on that if its not an overpressured resivoir the Static bottom hole pressure would be ~17mPa, flowing the well would have 1800m of fluid with an average gradient of ~3-5kpa/m  so.... 5400-9000kpa. So the pressure of the fluid while the well is flowing back on the resivoir would be 5-9MPa add tubing pressure 1000-2000kpa so you could have a flowing bottom hole pressure of approx 6-11mpa....

If our Static has declined to 12-15mpa and we are flowing at ~6-11mpa we could only be drawing down the wells less than 50% meaning the well should get close to double the oil if we put in some sort of artifical lift ie. pumpjacks.

There is alot assumed here but its a ballpark, im not saying im right just thought you guys would want some idea of what your looking at after the wells are optimized.