Folks relax!  The wells will produce what ever rate they flow. Declining rates are normal for all wells they all have different decline rates.  Bottom line is the cost of drilling will be paid off and a profit is made basicly that is the buisness they are running.  Artificial lift systems are used all over north america.  NZ will drill more wells and bring more production on line and our bod will grow. 


They have lots of targets to drill including the wells that where bought in the spring here.  We are also in the brent crude regime and that is a huge plus for any canadian company.  They are drilling in a stable country.  This company will grow.


I took this pull back as an oppurtunity to buy shares for what I think is a bargin for both tag and NZ.  Cresent point or any other mid cap company all started small.  The bakken did not develop over night.  I see what the company is trying to achive here they want to get cash flow so that the next step can be brought on is the development of the east coast. It wont be cheep but if we can have a good steady production regime then we will get a better deal partnering up on the east coast as we will not look as desprate.


Best of luck