obama's hands are tied. part of a compromise to make things work out will be to make cuts--one of which i strongly believe will need to come from the alternative energy sector. the republicans have clearly stated that they are willing to let revenue come through tax increases if obama is willing to cut on spendings. now if health and education are the cornerstones and you wouldn't like to touch those cuts have to come from somewhere--like i have said, i am not opposed to seeing measured approaches to energy including solar so as to avoid pitfalls like solandra, ethanol etc. (both republicans and democrats have made huge mistakes here) oil will continue to receive subsidies and will most likely also increase in production under obama even though that is not his preference---again his hands are tied he will not have any choice when it can create industry and jobs, however, he can look to see that things are more viable (i.e. re-routing the keystone pipeline and things like that)--i don't suspect that he will allow massive amounts of drilling though.


there is a solar company i think it is solar city who wants to receive subsidies but is not likely going to see them--any company who is going to be a start up will face the same thing we had--like i said obama did very little for us in our initial phases--we began to get the whitehouse's attention possibly through louise making her recommendations and that too after we had been featured on various newscast etc, as our technology continued to develop and become seen as a viable source of energy we earned our contract with nrel and then an extension based on the science and everything it continues to prove to be.


this bump due to the optimism of whether a deal will be made in regards to the fiscal cliff will play out like the rest of this drama of the world markets being in a mess--there will be good days and not so good ones and so the prices to equities will fluctuate (with some possible heavy swings or not). nevertheless, with this being said, regardless of what goes on with the whole issue (which i actually strongly feel the us will finally get it done--fairly early--it will not go beyond the first quarter next year) it is natcore's management of our technology, share structure, hard work, and credibility that will determine our success, not obama, not the republicans--obama can be instrumental--yes, but we (our company) has to prove its worthiness and certainly we are going to have to work twice as hard so as to escape the spectre of solandra as well as to prove and establish that solar can in fact become more equal to fossil fuels-