ugh, c'mon toriddog, you can't just look at share price.. It's all about market caps, nothing else. 83 million cap on FCU, or about 165 million between the JV, and 32 million cap on NXE, so about a 16 million speculative value on each of Radio and Rook 1, these are possibly 2 of the best undrilled areas out there, a stone's throw from PLS and on trend with Roughrider. 

One drill hole hits big on either property over the next year and this stock will fly. Lotta people had been waiting for this stock to go public for a long while. It will likely be a tightly held market darling IF they ever hit a big hole.

I have 10000 shares which is just enough to make some ok money if they ever hit, but not enough to bug me if they miss on both properties.