I'am a bit miffed,on the first day of trading my good friend and I were goin to obtain positions as fast as possible.His concern was he believed NexGen to have 85M shares out, and abit to much dillution for the opening marketcap and wanted to wait.Because of lack of solid info on this company,I went to both the TSE exchange web site and StockHouse and they both said that the shares out were 15 million,and sometime after I bought my position they changed it to 85M. I was ticked off at the miss info! All though at first, my friend and I deducted that NexGen had the 85,and it was hard to believe that after a split it would have that many shares out.  As I posted,I'am here for one reason -Rook1 and it is in my own humble opinion, I'am not impressed hearing Sheldon owns so many shares,as I have seen him in action b4. It is Obvious to me the Auzzy ownership here ,vented this into a puplic company and they have been compensated greatly,maybe a bit to great.My own thought was there should have been around 30-40M S/O.I think I read somewhere's we have $6m in ca$h so thats a plus, so lets go drilling so I can forget I paid 0.15 to much ashr.  Warning: this is my opinion and mine only. If that uranium corridor continues threw our property,then I have paid for a good hunch. Pitter Patter,Lets get at her!