Tough week for all gold stocks this week. Considering the carnage nwm held up ok not falling to 52 week lows like  a few others in the space....

So many questions yet to be answered....

1. Our production has improved according to recent news but to what degree and is it sustainable? details please

2.  Proposed PP only partially filled... cancelled because we no longer need it, or changed strategy, or worse no one wanted in..

3. Consolidation taken off the table? delayed for a later time?

4. The majority of our outstanding debt is due in June. What are we doing about it? Will be upon us very soon

5. Proposed 3000m exploration for Lluvia doro? results? when added to holes not added to last 43-101 will there be a much needed bump in resource?

6. Have they been testing jojoba ore to see if they can manage copper issues.

Tough times in the gold sector. Feels like NWM is turning around but we need some concrete evidence.