The 10 to 1 consolidation has at least been delayed  if not cancelled see sedar (thanks prod5) and Kykorys speculation that gold production is up to 100 ounces a day seems  true as per Chris's recent site visit update.

What we need is facts in the form of news releases...Cannacord has been buying up shares in big blocks over the last few weeks and shorts are down to zero (hard to short a 3cent gold stock that is producing 30,000 ounces profitably) seems like we are moving in a positive direction. We have been in this position before and management has screwed up hopefully the new team will be the solution.  Let's hope Chris, Selby and Plaxton can figure out a much better financing scenario...I  hope you are correct eduardo and they are working on getting out of the Renvest deal that has been paralyzing our development...we need to explore and prove up some ounces.  GLTA