ok, eduardo & blindbat, nice reply in their reviews, it look both are half-smatter, but why dont be just smatter??

In that analysis everything is assumption, that will be coming speculation, and that is the base in the market, for everyone here is the little tiny bug making  us tingle, thats why every day we are trying to find new info, whatching the price gold, looking the news releases in www.nwmcorp.ca to know ''IF'' we are going to make money. So blindbat dont be a jakcass in your reply writting that presumption about you know everything.

with my humble words that i offer to all of you fellas, i can only say certainly and investigated, for the moment in the mine they are extracting average for the last  6 weeks 100 ounces, this with the new system of irrigation and the new management of metallurgical engineer, they improve the solution. The engineer Joel Sanchez  say that the mine is at 45% of their extraction.

There is only one company of machinery in lluvia de oro right now working only in the pits solving some issues and extracting from high mineral area 12,000 tons to the pit area daily. this company already bring 5 trucks 773 and two 988G to start nextmonth the request from mine of 30000tons daily. it can be posible reach 15000 ounces per quater.

nwmmcorp is a low cost mine IN MEXICO, it doesn't have the same high cost like extract gold in nevada, (except for the bad financial management of berlet) but with price of one operator in usa you can pay 5 or 6 in mexico.

Forget the consolidation and the financial treatment at this point, the only way to rise the price of .025cents  is working hard like now, selling a lot ounces of gold, and that will bring consolidation and a good bagger.

Don't forget the contract intention signed by timmins it will expire next year, the only thing they just whant is production, they now is full of gold there.

good things will come soon i promise, keep buying