A lot of things changed since June (the time that review was made). It's just and old description and much of it is irrelevent. I don't know where that "50,000" ounce statement is coming from. I don't recall that ever being in the plan. I heard they are planning on extending debt by 3-4 years which is the way to go (and should've been the way to go long time ago). Hopefully not at a dumb interest rate. At this point I'm sure they can negotiate a smaller interest rate as they have been proving profitability every quarter since commercial production. This will take care of the negative working capital and have a sufficient balance to expand resource..

We are in a far better position than Gryphon Gold (competitor with similar scale mine). I heard that Gryphon Gold mine in nevada is offline due to some machinery issues. Too bad..

I'm still no with consolidation at 10:1. No one's getting a clean slate.. Want to see positive results and updates soon. gl