NWM Mining is a small producer in Mexico. Production began in 2011 at 30,000 oz, and is forecasted to reach 40,000 oz by 2016. I think this is potential a 5 bagger, but could easily be a 10 bagger if they can expand production. NWM has a $30 million fully diluted market cap, which is highly undervalued. If they can expand production to 50,000 oz, their market cap could reach $300 million (with high gold prices), making them a 10 bagger. I don't see much downside risk with this stock. With such a low market cap, low debt ($18 million), no hedging, 100% ownership, and excellent future cash flow, it is unlikely this stock will decrease in value. The only thing I don't like is the highly diluted share structure. However, that does not mean this is not going to be good performer. At some point, investors are going to quit ignoring undervalued stocks such as NWM. This company has a lot going for it at this low valuation.



Interesting analysis , full of IF , maybe, I think , could, and no downside forecasted back in June 21, 2012 when this was published, hence in their opinion no way this will fall below 0.06¢ a share - no way !

Further claims it produced 30 000 oz of Gold in 2011.


I don't know about them clowns but simple look at the Q4 fiancials for 2011 and they would know that NWM was not in producing in 2011, let alone their fantasies of 30 000 ounces produced - heck even in 2012 they can't touch such a number.


no way in heck can this fall below 0.064 and yet trading at 50% below their guaranteed minimum price.

And you want to rely on such a 'profesional analysis' and a 5 banger target to say the least if not a 10 bagger.


Go ahead....freaken clueless jokester this wannabe gold site!