CosmicMan:   Come back to earth!!    Really  FMS!    I was thinking about O&G Exploration companies.  But here goes..........Your FMS looks like the kind of company Canada and the TSX-V are famous for.    A complete promotion!!!!   The only ones who benefit are the insiders.      They had no revenu in the last annual report.   They appeared to spend no money on developing their mine.     They showed a loss of $10M last year   and now a cumulative loss of $20M.     They appear to have very little assets invested in this "mine".   They showed expenses last year of  $1.0M for management and consulting.  $1.2M for salaries and benefits.  $1.4M for travel and promotion.   $.4M for professional fees.   $.6M for office expense......and last but not least   $5M for stock based compensation..........non-cash item mostly of course for the stock compensation.    WHERE IS THE BUSINESS?           There appears to be no business here..........My recommendation on Focus Graphite is   SELL SELL SELL!!!