I know I can get into trouble for this, but I will throw this out there.  I'm asking for opinion and speculation and would like to why..

I think that most of us agree that there is something going with the company and the logical conclusion is a take-over.  With the price increase in January fo $0.01 NVS when oil is $100.00/b and other oil stocks have made some nice gains, the unknown and lack of information from the company is holding back the price of a great company.  During the month we reached 52 weeks highs and had major price swings.


My question.  What happens if this continues for a couple of months; no real material gains while other stocks are giving good returns on the oil price, and as mentioned here previously, on the back of what we are going through?


I believe we will get an offer over $1.07 but when and what?  Is there the possiblity if selling on a upswing and buying something else could / would give a better long term gain?  My hopes were that we were going to have some information already and buy into another oil company before oils seaonality ends.  Example - if we get a 50% gain but don't hear anything for 3 months are we ahead?  If we get a 10% gain from here and buy something else and gain 50% we would be better off.


Some of us have been dealing with the 'take-over' possiblity for a couple of years and this brings us the closest in that time.  I would like also like know why you have the opinion.