Does anyone notice any other junior drilling in the Cortez/Goldrush area reporting grades in grams per ton over tens of meters? 

While not grand slams, these new drill-hole results are solid "hits" IMO because they show an expanding profile to this new Cortez Trend golden pachyderm that  NUG has flushed from the subsurface.  My view was... if NUG hit intervals that compared to those in CMZ Hole #6 then that was a "homerun" for me as a shareholder, I think this was accomplished.

The BIG plus for NUG in this area (Cortez Trend) is that the NUG target litholgies and structures are not buried and blind under 200-1000 feet of cover. 

Surface geochem has revealed targets in the CMZ, this would be impossible if the lower-plate target carbonates were buried under younger gravel or unmineralized volcanic beds. 

The Northern Nevada Rift (NNR), volcanic host for the Buckhorn Mine just to the north, cuts the CMZ of NUG's property.  The upper mineralized intercept in NUG CMZ drilling is in VOLCANIC rock.  The ground to the east and west of the NNR on NUG ground is the Wenban Formation from my observations, this is the host formation for the Goldrush elephant that Barrick is expanding. 

Taken together NUG has a home run IMO with these drill assays, the pachyderm's profile is getting bigger.

Not Investment Advice.  DYODD  I am a shareholder of NUG and other juniors drilling in the Goldrush area; CGD, RPM.