I had the pleasure of visiting NuLegacy Cortez Trend ground last week with my friend Laura Stein. We were hosted by COO Roger Steininger and CEO James Anderson this last week.  I am a consulting geologist working in Cortez Trend rocks and have driven by NuLegacy's surface limestone outcrops daily for the last several months.  I have been a shareholderof  junior miners in the region for some time, Rye Patch Gold, Carlin Gold and most recently, NuLegacy Gold.

As a shareholder of NuLegacy and exploration geologist I was thrilled to talk with Roger about surface and near-surface limestone targets, rocks that host the mines of the Cortez Trend: Cortez, Horse Canyon, Buckhorn, Pipeline, Cortez Hills, and the developing Goldrush deposit. 


Barrick Gold will annouce an updated Goldrush resource soon, a sigbnificant increase over ~7 million OZ announced in 2011.

Some nights I would camp in the dust out of the back of my pickup and behold the Cortez hillsides lit by the bright lights of drillers going 24/7 confirming and expanding the Goldrush project area.  A huge Man Camp is under construction, Barrick's effort is expanding. 

I cannot imagine a more exciting place to be drilling for gold, who knows who might find the next Cortez Trend "Elephant".  NuLegacy has a target-rich land package at Cortez IMO.

Not Investment Advice DYODD