I don't know who your rant was directed to but if it was me i can only surmise that you have run out of your medication.

for an individual such as yourself that has bestowed himself with such a religious moniker i find such a strongly worded attack to be unbecoming to all the people of faith in the world and i'm surprised stockhouse let you post it.

my post was merely my conjecture on the events  that have transpired that have given me concern about my investment as an OUTSIDER.

what you have said about andersons purchases and sales is true to the best of my knowledge and if you follow my posts you will find that i reported the buys on previous posts.

insider sells trigger my instinct to jump on the bandwagon of the insider because maybe he knows something that i don't and i stand by my opinion that it results in lower shareprice and that bought deals detract from the normal market forces.

i hope your day goes better.