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Northern Shield Resources Inc V.NRN

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Northern Shield Resources Inc is a natural resource company engaged in the business of identifying, acquiring and exploring mineral properties located primarily in Ontario and Quebec.
Price: $0.035 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 103,700 | Day High/Low: 0.035/0.035 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.225/0.02

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Honestly, I hope your right. My pocket book hopes your right. But after decades in this game, must admit the market may not think your right. At least not yet. And, insiders haven't been filling their...read more
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Unbelivable will be the return off the lows... why would you sell going in to to drilling season... whey they get sign of any good news... with a cashed up junior, this will move so fast... it is this...read more
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RE:RE:What kind of news would we need to see the SP rise?

Not "just short of unbelievable" SparkletoothI It has to be absolutely unbelievable. NRN has touched here, there, evreywher and gotten nowhere. Huge disappointment. In fact, pathetic. Think about it...read more
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RE:What kind of news would we need to see the SP rise?

Smething just short of unbelievable.  rate and reply
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What kind of news would we need to see the SP rise?

Any ideas what kind of news we'd need to see to see rise in the SP? Seems like nothing is good enough for the market!  rate and reply
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North quebec

A lot of press about quebec gov and north of quebec mining.... We are invested heavily there... This should get the interest going..... Share price unjustifiably low.... If the next assays are even...read more
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RE:RE:This will hit .40 to .60 cents

Interesting post but seems from his may one that he got back in Mar/Apr ......  rate and reply
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RE:This will hit .40 to .60 cents

You didn't sell when it was $1.25 and now claim it will hit .40 to .60. Why didnt you sell at $1.25 or is that when you bought?  rate and reply
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This will hit .40 to .60 cents

I have been a long holder of NRN. I have seen it hit $1.25 and never sold because I knew what NRN was sitting on. I'm not worried at all here guys. I wanted to let all those worried investors that...read more
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Yah but you have to give Ian credit here for getting 1.4M in this yough market... a lot of attention in QC right now.... interest will start to peak once the assays are out in couple of weeks per his...read more
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Not trying to trash anybody here, this company is run by straight shooters. It's just a tough market - I wonder how much was spent for the drills at Wabassi? I suppose it wouldn't be hard to calculate...read more
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Not trying to trash this... certainly not in my best interest. Has been a major disappointment though. Just have to look at the chart and current SP to figure that out. Thank goodness they have a...read more
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I agree, its been worse than watching paint dry... but should the assays come through on Lab as expected and show potential PGEs with russian sanctions and African mine costs rising materially and...read more
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Wow... very embarrassing! To think not so long ago, it was between investing in NRN or NAN? Thought maybe Ian and team had more irons in the fire. This play has had more chances over the years than a...read more
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It seems RBC doesn't agree with Ian.  rate and reply
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Just spoke with Ian, shocked with were the price is... actually cant believe... they are one of the only juniors that dont need to raise money... wabassi was a great price to invest in Lab were the...read more
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buying opp

this level is laughable... we should buy here as summer drilling in Lab heats up... flush with cash from Wabassi, which would have been to expensive to drill....  flush with cash and drilling...read more
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News soon

Spoke with Ian a while ago... we will get news soon... said has sufficient liquidity with grants from quebec gov... so no need for funds just yet... he was shocked with share price... just a matter of...read more
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RE:RE:Drill results from Nov13 announcement

Still no official news on website since Nov 13 ! Is management just riding off into the sunset?  rate and reply
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quebec propreties look really interesting... hold strong over summer... cant imagine this stays at these levels... any buying will move fast because it seems like that seller (fund who had redemptions...read more