“After reviewing the summaries now posted on the website I am encouraged that NQ has locked onto the potential for the Pistol Bay Project to become a gold mining camp.


  1. Note on the NQ website, under  Presentation January 2013 (slide 22) the new V2 target 200 M south of the Vickers Main Zone. Inco drilled 2 holes down dip with one hole having an intercept of 2.67 gms/6.6 Metres. Also note the surface samples ranging from 2 to 7 gms. NQ’s first holes in 2013 will undercut those surface samples and Inco’s previous intercept with holes drilling from the South to the North as illustrated on slide 22. In NQ’s comments in the Pistol Bay Overview they say “At the V2 Zone, 200 metres south of the main zone, gold bearing outcrops of the intrusion are the same as those at the main zone. The first drill holes will be completed at the V2 Zone in 2013.” It is obvious that they consider this to be a prime target and if successful could be a game changer.


  1. Note on (slide 21) the surface samples 2 to 7 gms plotted in the “Altered Intrusives”.  Many targets to explore!


  1. Note the drilling on (slide 27) Bazooka Project Hole #PB 12-04; 2.1 g/t over 11.17 M. The proposed drilling is shifted and now drilling from north to south. They must have learned they were drilling in the wrong direction.


  1. Note on (slide 28) Meuser Project the location of the anomalous surface samples with respect to the obvious magnet structure. More targets to explore!!