NQ comes down to value and whether or not you have the patience to wait for that value to be recognized by the market.  North delivered…  in a spectacular way…  make that a ‘SPECTACULAR’ way….  two analysts that I have spoken with suggested visibility on a million plus oz., one suggested 1.5 as being a reasonable estimate.  do the math…  = share price north of $2.  now, things could be very quiet for NQ over the next six months… although then again, North will be marketing the story far and wide during this period and who knows what could happen with that…  either way it appears more and more certain that Vickers will be a gold mine one day and how often do you have the opportunity to buy into a gold mine with a market cap just north of $20 million.  for 2013 expect infill drilling as well as additional drilling to expand the zone, as well as drilling at Bazooka and Sako.  and that’s it… very, very simple…  hottubjohnny is very, very long and very, very hard… I mean strong.