Unless one of the next few holes is something earth shattering than I don't see the stock doing much for the next several months. The problem is the drills will stop turning until June 2013 and they won't be anywhere close to knowing just how big this deposit is based on what they have drilled so far, still way to early in the game!!!


 Investors want a steady stream of drill results coming down the pipe and that won't be the case here. That being said, if you are willing to wait a year than you could be greatly rewarded but personally I want to see more results before I pull the trigger and it looks like time will be on my side, hence the reason for the sell off today. Long time between now and June so it wouldn't surprise me if she slips a little between now and than. I think I will wait to buy in the May to July time frame. The price of the recent financing will give you a clue as to where this one will trade for the next 6 months. GLTA!!!