We have 1,044,999 @ $ 1.00 which expire on Dec 22 :

And 1,052,631 @ $ 2.25 which also expire on Dec 22 .

So we will need at least 1,000,000 shares of volume at $ 1.10 or better to induce the holders of the $ 1.00 warrants to exercise and we will need plenty of volume just to get us there and hold us there.

Of course you can double or triple the volume we'll need to get us to $ 2.35 + to get those warrants exercised. 

Given that we are shut down and won't see results from next Junes drilling program until late July or early August we are going to need robust results to bring in the buyers.

Time to take off the lederhosen , put down the beer and get some assays out !!