Flow through financings are the best possibilities for Juniors to finance the biz.




It allows the Investor Tax efforts of appr. 25%. This means, you have to deduct 25% of 0,52 CAD, then you know what premium the investors really paid. It is about 0,41 CAD. Sounds also good, but is something else then 0,52 CAD.

I'm not sure, who participated in the financing. Hope that Wexford is not the related party. If these guys are around, there is nothing to win for small investors. On my best knowledge Wexford is one of the bigger shareholders in Nox. This is not my favourite constellation, and it is the only thing, what tells me, not to invest too much into this company. But the business model is very good. If it pays really out for us one day, it will be one of my better investments.