If i was a cash  $$$$$$$$  lender of Niogold and i am putting ,up front,$ 4 mil to buy shares at $054 while the price is at $ 0.32  i would buy everything below that price to average down my financing at .54 The price of the shares did not move today,so in my opinion,theres are option going along that! No details of the deal were given! per exemple:Each shares entitles to give the lender to buy half of the shares at such and such and such  a price if and if and if and only if  ect ect.

Let do the maths :A lender would not be allow to sell below $0.54 before a certain date to exercise their option to sell their financing.Easy solution::,a person ,who is sure that they would have to sell at $0.54 would put his house in that.But ,that 's not was happen today with the share price after the new release.

I don't kown now what to thing!Something is not clear and i see that most everybody are not sure ,too!