Wahgoshig Chief Dave Babin says he doesn't want to work with Solid Gold. "It still has its same associates and these guys were behind Stretch 100 per cent and showed no mercy."

"showed no mercy"?

Absurd. Solid Gold is the defendant here.

It was Chief Babin and the Wahgoshig band that showed no mercy when they attacked Solid Gold with unlawful demands, uttered false allegations, and made unfounded claims— all resulting in 25 people being thrown out of work and hundreds of investors including senior citizens wiped out. The motive? leverage to be used against Ontario and Canada.

The Ontario Divisional Court of Justice has now ruled that Solid Gold had no duty to the Wahgoshig First Nation. That is why Ontario is now faced with a $100,000,000 claim by Solid Gold for negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment and implied contract of indemnity, among other things.

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