Maybe you are a lawyer. If so, perhaps you can explain who to sue to get an Ontario map that identifies Traditional Territory for each indian band or is it still just an arm wave over the horizon? We will appreciate it if you could also provide the definition of "Consultation" as it applies to the "New Mining Act"

Maybe Greg Gibsons friend and associate Tim Peterson can ask Robbie Grossman or Barry Polisuk--lawyers over at Solid Gold. Word on the street is that somehow they also represent Tim. Just a coincidence, ya think?

There is no point asking Ontario for the map because they dont have one? About consultation, the court ordered Ontario to consult and accomodate the Wahgoshig a year ago and Solid Gold has asked the province over and over to declare that it has met its duty but so far no response.

Until such a declaration look foreward to continued uncertainty. It is unfortunate that the government has forgotten its responsiiblity to crown granted mineral rights holders. As it stands Mineral claims in Ontario are basicly worthless