The purpose in working, the purpose in NGM  is to gain wealth !!!!    Even if the company is at 26o mill  today  and end up 350 or 400 mill shares.  

The old saying is buy low sell high,   buy all the gold you can at $ 20 per oz,  and  resell at  $ 200 per oz  that is the direction of NGM,   no one i have ever talked to has indicated the company wants to build a big mine of there own,   as for the Open pit mine near term produer they can truck the orr down the road, as  for the 2nd pit near term producer it also can be shipped down the road to  mine.   this  will create revenue.   meanwhile  they continue to buy  proven  high grade resource property's  at 10 - 20 bucks.  per oz.

With 4 billionaire family's backing them  I suspect they will  !

If you could go to the coin store today and buy gold at $ 100 per oz would you ?  would you morgage your home to buy as much as you can  at  $ 100 per oz  or is that to much dilution  ?

I hope they continue as planned !