This press release  is huge in size,  !    I wish   we were given some  idea   of the scope and possibility's and what we are getting for our money .  

Even the  purchase of the  buffonta  last month didntt tell how much  gold was there.

Now I'm  sure that  gibson  has  knowledge of the resources. in all cases or why else buy !

Only after diging and  chit chat, do i realize that the buffonta  was an open pit mine at 5g/t and  as soon as de watering can be competed   the ore can be taken to a nearby mill for production.   then the same for  jon paul  at 8g/t  asap.

The  message being sent to shareholders is that near by property's can and will be purchased at a  $ 10 - $ 20 / oz   and to accumulate 10 mill oz. or more asap.

With that said  if we could understand  exactly what value Mr.Gibson  was using as a sp value we could  add it to the cash and calculate a resource figure.  consideration is most  likely was given to the ease and accessability to the resource so each purchase will carry a different value.

Also It would appear  that gibson is after property;s with a higher grade  1st  as anyone would.

The part Ilike is that we are another step closer to a 10 mill oz    Go Gibson Go !

I hope the next press release is  an  n43-101 update, they only have 80,000 meters of drilling yet to be added  !!!!!!    plus the Buffona, plus  this new one today.

I did find out that the last 3 private placements were done by Paul C and  other billionaire friends, and all are behind Gibson buying more property's.

Looking better all the time,