Thats  alot  to be considered,    but it's my understanding that  Gibson is not concerned with dilution,   and it looks that way,  other wise after each property purchased, they would find some vehicle to move the sp to a higher level  before the next purchase, and dilute less.

Another interesting factor  the money backing this company,  Ive been told on several occasions that they have refused money,   they have lots and can get more if needed.

The people with money  know far more about  whats happening, what we have, and where we are going that I do.  What is there 4 or 6  billionares involved ?

im not sure, but understand that  there are many small gold companys with resources in the ground but no money to move forward, that is not a problem. for NGM

As far as high grade vs low  grade  I thought 10 million oz is just that 10 mill oz, meaning  its a large eneough quanity  of ounces to mine,  whereby,    even a 1 mllion oz deposit of higher grade  found out in 10 buck two land  will never produce.   There must be some benefit to being next to  a highway and power etc. some  benefit being close to  two other producing mines.  Must be some reason Gibson took this job when he was offered other jobs.  I do give him credit to his past,

There must be a benefit to purchasing the bafonta pre producing property, and  some reason that NGM just purchased mining equipment.

There must be 100's of unknowns for us,  because im not a geologist, nor do i work in Timmins, or for NGM.  Many of our questions  would be answered if we had a up to date press release,  or  if the staff would answer a few questions,  but then it might be considered insider info.

But all in all  I  can't  see that I should put the lid on this one, just now !

Im glad you made 400% Chatty, I only wish i did,   I only have 1 option and that is to hold on a bit longer to see what happens and where we move from here.

Do you know who owns the  up coming free floating shares, im curious !   I will make a few calls, to see who they belong to,   if its a billionare friend then  we wont see them for some time free or not worried,

  I guess I take it as a hint  when the purchase of the  new equipment was purchased at a fraction of  it's value,  If we were on a dead end road, then I'd want cash, not share's with a promise of a greater return later. just a hunch,   but i dont read mines  ! lol

We  have been range bound for weeks now, with little to no selling happening in the last few days,

SOME good news would be nice  don't you think !

Keep me informed about   new and upcoming stocks with greater possible returns  pls,  you know my email, thanks  have a good evening.