from kaiser today: for what its worth:


Kaiser is still high on there being a nevada gold rush revival and an excerpt from his email of today:

If you like the suffering that comes with being ahead of the curve, bet on my favorite Nevada Exploration Inc (NGE-V), which is in the final throes of completing a $1 million private placement of 10 million units at $0.10 (1/2 wt at $0.15 for 1 year with a $0.25 acceleration clause - yes, as a placee I am worried about having to write another check well before the warrant expires, though given how dreadful 2012 was to my portfolio, that would be a welcome cross to shoulder).

This million bucks will allow NGE to survive a 2013 where nothing good happens in the resource sector, and NGE continues with the basin flank sampling program Wade Hodges, Ken Tullar and James Buskard have toiled at for the past decade, building an extraordinary secret map of northern Nevada which supports John Muntean's theory about the origin of Carlin type deposits and the implication that the Battle Mountain and Carlin trends are not the only place where deep-seated cracks conveyed the gold into the sponges assembled several hundred million years ago.

If you need some inspiration about Nevada take a look at this YouTube posting of a History Channel production called "How the Earth was Made: America's Gold":