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Nevada Exploration Inc V.NGE

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

Nevada Exploration, Inc. is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of resource properties.
Price: $0.04 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 87,000 | Day High/Low: 0.04/0.035 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.13/0.035

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Platinum found under Waterburg basin gravels

Platinum Group Metals in South Africa found what could be  20 km platium strike under Waterburg basin gravels.  Video says they hit the depost on third drill hole.  CEO said the gravels are why no had...read more
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Link to New Article by John Kaiser

Here is a link to a new article by John Kaiser, in which he discusses Nevada Exploration, as well as, a number of other junior resource stocks. http://www.kaiserresearch.com/s/KaiserBlog.asp?ReportID...read more
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you read my mind.  rate and reply
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Great, another buying opportunity. Probably a financing in the works. Hard to raise much money at these prices. Trying to force myself to buy here when things look the bleakest. At some point there...read more
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updated presentation

Nevada Exploration Inc. Provides Updated Exploration Presentation for the South Grass Valley Project Nevada Exploration Inc. (TSX.V:NGE) (“NGE”) is pleased to provide a new, updated presentation for...read more
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RE:potential joint ventures

"JOhn" McEwan, super ... this was a good one. Well informed ;) Excellent.  rate and reply
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Re,Re, Re Re: Financials

If management is so responsive, maybe we could have them offer a more detailed report on the Grassvalley project. The one offered by Mcewan is not very informative. It would be interesting to find out...read more
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Re Re Re: financials

Thanks Robert, that sort of confirms my thoughts.  By the way that does speak volumes that management responded to your inquiry. I have wathched video and interviews featuring Wade and he seems to be...read more
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re: financials

I emailed the company about the low cash balance and was pleasantly surprised to get back an answer within a couple hours from BOTH James Buskard and Wade Hodges. (Often I never get a reply from some...read more
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Re: Financials

John Kaiser was warning of the pending doom of 100's of these junior explorers and as he suggests this will flush out the dogs. NGE has been at this for a long time so this won't be a surprise and...read more
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Just looked at the financials on Sedar. NGE is down to $74,000 cash at January 31, 2014. We need a j/v partner soon or a financing!  rate and reply
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RE:potential joint ventures

Let's hope he doesn't. We need a partner willing to stick around for more than one hail Mary drilling.  rate and reply
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potential joint ventures

John Mcewan was on BNN discussing the future growth of his company. He concedes that to reach his goal it will require increased production through development  and MA. With his continued interest in...read more
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RE RE RE RE RE RE Proof of concept

Not sure on the cost but MUX has equipment right next to "GrassValley" at their "Tonkin" project so it was'nt much of an undertaking. Keep in mind that one asspect of this idea is finding potential...read more
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RE:re re re re: proof of concept

apm and northmark thanks. how much does one of these holes cost? Is there somwone other than MUX to JV with  rate and reply
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re re re re: proof of concept

It's quite possible that they did learn somthing from that one hole. MUX is starting a drill program at their "keystone" property based on water sampling so it looks like Mcewan hasn't dismissed the...read more
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RE:RE:re: proof of concept

I think the answer to your question is that they would like to drill but they don't have the money to do so. Absent a financing, the drilling will start once they reach agreement with a JV partner...read more
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RE:re: proof of concept

the hoel was a dud but i wonder why they only drilled one with MUX when they previously said more than one. I can't imagine you could rule out the methodology based on one hole - unless they need to...read more
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re: proof of concept

my thoughts exactly, this either works or it does'nt. However I do find it interesting that this team has covered all of nevada establishing a data base and have land holdings in the most prolific...read more
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Proof of Concept in 2014?

Wow, this investment requires the patience of Job and then some. I guess MUX's Grass Valley as well as Spruce Ridge drills were duds but hopefully provided good information. Anything to this...read more