your post says: "Looking at current prices for spherical battery grade graphite the costs are between two thousand and four thousand dollars, the report I read at NGC 's web site the company uses ten thousand dollars, and an investor anaylist uses seven thousand dollars,  Future price estimates from both articles depend heavily on China's current restriction on graphite production.  China will do what is best for China, if they want more of the Graphite market they will relax restrictions and even subsidize a product, using Solar as a good example of what they will do to dominate a market if they so desire. 

At this point I think the seven to ten thousand dollar a ton for battery grade spherical graphite is way to opptimistic. 

Have I missed something?"

- NGC uses 10k for spherical graphite: As stated in your post (the first underlined portion) the price quoted was 10k...presumably, you had in mind US$ 10k per tonne (and not per ton). Perhaps, you could provide the reference where you saw that number of 10k, and the context for using that number number, in NGC website?

- "Have I missed something?": Have a look at NGC March 2013 Corporate Presentation under "investors" tab. Check out slide 18/33 on "Spherical Graphite...". The price quoted was US$4000 for uncoated and US$6000-8000/tonne for coated spherical graphite.

The expected price for Bissett Creek concetrates are given in a previous slide (Source: Industrial Minerals Magazine), with a price of over US$ 1800/tonne for purity  94-97% Cg, depending on the flake size. Higher purity would of course fetch more $.