Geeraft, your post says: "...They are required to respond or okay a new MCP within 45 days.  However, with an amendment as NGC has, there is no time limit for approval".

Case 1: Responding in 45 days for a brand new application means they could wait until the 45 days to send out a respond saying somthing like " We have reviewed your application and have the following questions, blah blah". If the company is quick enough to provide the responses/answers in a day or two, then what would happen to the Ministry's review of the  responses...any time limit on this?

Case 2: Amendment: It would be expected that NGC's amendment to an old permit would be a lot simpler to handle than a brand new application. Assuming that the Ministry waited for 45 days before sending out a list of questions for answers and/or clarifications, then the review of the responses from the company should be treated the same way as in case 1.

Question: Is there any time limit for the Ministry to review the responses? There has to be a time limit for this sort of thing.

Perhaps, it would be a good idea to contact Premier Kathleen Wynne for her intervention, at least for her to find out what's going on with the approval process. If it would take this long for one (and last) of the mining permits, then Ontario is not a good place to do business with.

Anyone has contacted the company recently? Presumably, they have discussed this with the Ministry staff to make some kind of a plea for faster services. Bureaucracy, or staff shortage, is not a good excuse.