I fully agree with most of what you say.  I recently met with a small company who is selling "graphene" in "bulk", and are certainly one of the first on the block to claim to be doing so.  However, on closer examination, that are simply exfoliating graphite flake over and over along with ultrasonic treatment to such an extent that they are calling their product graphene.  I'm sure there will be a growing market in composite materials for such a product as you suggest.  I see NGC fitting into this vertical growth almost immediately once in production.  It is not rocket science to produce and it is also not graphene in the true sense.  It is more like multi-layer graphene.  The high end apps will be with one layer graphene and I would expect most of it to be made synthetically in large sheets as has been recently demonstrated. And I don't know why GE won't tell it like it is.  Or maybe I do.  I have worked with Sanyo, Panasonic and others in the past in various levels of research, and 90% of what they know, you nor I will ever know.  Not being a stock promoter, I prefer the honest dialog so that I can invest accordingly with some degree of confidence with my own due diligence.