Geeraf1:  With due respect, I'm not advocating that Grafoid will dominate the world but rather pursue a very targeted approach.   A few important points:

  • it should now be reasonable to accept that a market for graphene is quickly evolving (several players have been downplaying this important market related point!)
  • several major players will develop graphene for their own internal needs (eg the Samsungs, Nokias, etc.)
  • the Chineese are gearing up for 100 T/yr production run rate by Q3/13, with 300T/yr capacity downstream (there must be a market!)
  • notwithstanding the strong Chinese production (for internal and export markets), NA and Europe will not be held ransom to such common chinese tactics and will support European and NA initiatives to insure access to such "wonder material" (see recent news to this effect; >2B in new R&D in Europe and the UK)
  • hence, there will be several new companies that will emerge as key "offset players" that will be given a certain level of preferential treatment, assuming reasonably priced base material and related products
  • more specifically , Grafoid is targeting specific markets
    • material composites which can substitute current materials with minimum disruptive impact but with dramatic improvements wrt weight, strength, eco impact and costs). The relationship with Rutgers is evidence of this focus.
    • In the mid-term, more sophisticated applications such as the Electronics and Medical fields are being addressed - reference the CVD and the Hydro Quebec JVs. 
  • Grafoid will need to be very competitive and creative to secure a decent position in this rapidly emerging market, with CapEx and OpEx costs being critical.  As I previously stated, they have controlled access"  to a high volume and high grade resource such as the Lac Knife (FMS owned).  There is risk as with any new business but I'm of the view that they are well on their way to developing a profitable and long term play, with the application of this "disruptive new material" in this rapidly emerging market place.