Why do TeTsuo36 and Jim90 from the FMS board often show up at the same time? Something to do with multiple personalities? Two (likely several more personalities) for the price of one is good value for the FMS social media budget.    

I maintain large scale mainstream commercialization of graphene is many years away. This was in this week's Critcal Metals Report:

BG: It's possible to produce graphene with natural flake graphite. But right now, the manufacturing process is still not commercially viable. That will happen eventually, but right now it is in the very early stages. It will take a lot of time before there is meaningful volume of graphene produced from natural flake graphite, but it could eventually be an attractive business that will have a material impact on bottom lines, the driving factors being increased volume and demand from new applications.

TMR: So if a company is now touting graphene as a revenue stream, it's something of a red flag.

BG: Absolutely. We go back to the basics: time to money, time to market. Is there a market today? You'll have to base your business on the market that actually exists today, not on some dream about a future market.