For the sake of FMS shareholders I hope you're right re Grafoid. 

Don't like the way three people got 20% of Grafoid by paying $40 each and FMS shareholders had to pay $1.5M for the remaining 40%.  Don't understand how Grafoid can be taken public through a CPC created by the same three people when a CPC is supposed to look for a Qualifying Transaction, not to be used for a pre-ordained vend-in deal.  The regulators can't like that very much and they must be watching closely after the FMS Prez, Gary Economo, already has had a Management Cease Trade Order recently lifted. 

From an outside point of view, it's difficult to take Grafoid seriously when they are up against billions of combined research dollars from the largest companies and gov'ts in the world in the race to commercialize graphene when they've only allocated $1.5M(as an example):

With thousands of patents already filed by others and Grafoid still waiting for their first it seems the chances of it becoming a serious player is a longshot:

The big money players are looking to 2020 and beyond for large-scale commercialization of graphene applications but if Grafoid can beat the big money competition by moving up the timeline by several years like you say then all the power to it.