There's a lot of things people who are familiar with the oil patch in more mature markets don't realize about the Arab world. Timing is one of them.

Not even joking here, someone I know needed to get a pencil sharpener at the office in the Middle East. Something that literally costs less than a dollar. Keep in mind this was with a major, too. AFE's needed to be filled out and signed by multiple managers who were required to be hired by the company by the government. It took over a month to get there at which point the sharpener was forgetten about. And when he did finally get it, it was one of those junk ones used for your wives' eye makeup, not the nice metal ones.

Unless you have what's known as 'wasta' or influence in english, your stuff is getting done on their schedule. Another thing you'll hear a lot of in the Middle East/Northern Africa is 'insha'allah', which means god willing. Here's its use in context "Hey, can you get me those log reports for next week?" Reply "Absolutely, insha'allah". Which means if I feel like it. Things that should take a couple days in the western world take months there. There's no rigs even on the way to site yet would be my bet as trying to reschedule and resolve any liability disputes will take some time to sort. It's going to be a wait, so sit back and find something else to do. I'm sure that JN and DXE are doing what they can to get things moving, but people there are literally the laziest people you have ever seen or dealt with so there's not much you can do.