With the theft of FDN from Kinross throught an extortion tax and not allowing a sale to a nother company Kinross was forced to build a mine with no IRR or walk.Kinross walked even thought the FDN mine was the richest gold mine in the world .It is now worthless to Kinross.Barrick got the shaft in the DR after they invested $billion the first gold shipment was confinscated by the DR government.Barrick was force to pay a higher tax then was agreed to to get its gold back.Now Barrick is under the mat on its Chile deposit with more extortion.

Today the Govt of Canada has passed a rule were companies under the threat of bribe payments to crooked Govts in these 3rd world dictatorships and must tell its shareholders the terms of the bribes.

This will be the thorn in the side of shareholders of major miners like ABX G and Kinross as well as mid producers.With shareholders of these majors fed up with doing business in such risky places and the wish to avoid future discoser of the bribes they will want to do a replacement of reserves in North American rule of law countries. Canada the US and Mexico world class deposits will be in demand by the majors.

NES will trade one day at a premium for its grade and location.

The move by the Canadian Govt just put safe gold deposits in play.