I was down at PDAC last year in search of a NES booth but didn't find one.I do know Richard says he'll be there this week.I emailed him earlier on in the week to try & meet him down there today.I sent another email last night in hope to set up a meeting this afternoon.So far he has not replied.I do have his cell number so I will continue to try & get ahold of him.        The deleting of posts by Frankman.Maybe someone should contact Stockhouse & see their reasons for allowing this.   Someone posted a map of the area we are in with Newstrike.Although we ,from what I gather ,should do alright with the Ana Paula,I notice with the land above Newstrike is heavy in silver,not so much gold.I'm just wondering if the rest of the land came up with simular findings,what kinda value would that put on Newstrike.Just a thought.