In about 32 trading days this stock has lost .50 per share while the pumpers keep feeding you koolaid. And one pumper has the audacity to compare this company to Goldcorp???!! G with 12 operating mines mega cash flow and dividends and numerous developing projects?  Why stop there why not Barrick, Newmont and Gold Corp combined? People are you swallowing the hype garbage? Grab your ankles.NES has ZERO production, nor revenue, ZERO mining facilities, ZERO proven ounces yet as there is still no NI 43-101 pumper promised in 2012 now heading to March. The market (and pumpers) have been selling to you a classic pump and dump which has been happening here long before I got here. The proof of a poster pump and dump is right there in front of you. See for yourself.  


02/14/2013 1.65
01/02/2013 2.15
Net loss -0.50

Can YOU spot a continuing trend?