It wouldn't surprise me if the resource is out by mid next week. There should be a column where it separates the grades for the High Grade breccia and Low grade halo.  The headline will show the blended grade, I'm still guessing around 2.4 - 2.7 million oz. Blended grade around 1.8 - 2.2 g/t.  (this is strictly my uneducated guestimate)

The real meat of the deposit is the economics which won't be shown in the maiden resource. This will be the most economc deposit to be discovered in a very long time.  The starter pit will focus on the high grade breccia near the surface and the payback from this recovery will separate this deposit from it's peers.


This is the type of deposit that's in Demand. The management will do all the leg work to derisk this and handed off to the New Owners. I truly believe that the this will be sold this year.


We are now seeing a trickling of funds dabbing their toes in our sector, finally. The money is moving from the large Bond funds back into our Asset class.  

I think there is a possibility of sell on the news once the report is released. It will be a great time to add if you're not fully vested.

Stay patient and God bless the Longs.